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The best of the Kenya Coast Discover the Coastal
Jewel of Africa

The Kenyan Riviera is the ideal destination in Africa. A magical place on the Kenya Coast that will allow you to experience the true essence of the African continent.

The Kenya coast is a unique place in the world, a true paradise where the wildest nature coexists with spectacular beaches of fine sand. Can you imagine relaxing on a deserted beach moments after having enjoyed an unforgettable safari?

The Kenyan Riviera is one of the few places on the planet where this combination is possible. Discover the Kenyan Riviera and be amazed by the most idyllic destination on the coast of Kenya.

Lion on a safari site of Kenya

Dreamy beaches A turquoise paradise

Relax on the dreamy beaches of the Kenyan Riviera. Dive into the warm, crystal-clear waters of the Indian Ocean and discover all the secrets of this magical location.

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Boats on the Indic Ocean near to the coastline of Kenya
Zebran in the middle of the Kenyan safari site savanna

The amazing Big Five Spectacular safaris

The Kenyan Riviera is the ultimate destination for adventurers and nature lovers. Here you can discover one of the oldest safari sites in Africa and one of the largest in the world featuring lions, black rhinos, buffaloes, elephants, leopards...

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Adrenaline lovers Water sports

The Kenyan Riviera has all the ingredients that water sports lovers need: good wind and flat, protected waters, perfect for the practice of disciplines such as surfing, kitesurfing, windsurfing, waterskiing, paddle boarding...

People kitesurfing in the Kenyan Riviera

Hotels & Resorts Dreamlike Retreats

On the Kenyan Riviera you can find the perfect accommodations for your holiday. Boutique hotels, nestled in nature, with unique locations and incredible views.

Billionaire Resort & Retreat

  • Malindi
  • $/night
  • Beachfront

The Billionaire Resort & Retreat is the perfect destination for a relaxing holiday. These accommodations are located in the Malindi Natural Park, and boast 5 saltwater swimming pools and an award-winning spa.

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Lion in the Sun Billionaire Retreat

  • Malindi
  • $/night
  • Beachfront

The Lion in the Sun Billionaire Retreat is a dream lodge located in the Malindi Natural Park. Nestled in a unique natural setting, you will enjoy spacious rooms that capture the soul of the continent with their architecture.

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Simba wa kale Suites & Beach

  • Watamu
  • $/night
  • Beachfront

Immerse yourself in Swahili culture at the Simba wa Kale. This boutique hotel in Watamu combines the architectural tradition of Africa and the culture of the contemporary world. A unique stay on the shores of the Indian Ocean.

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The Lawford Hotel

  • Malindi
  • $/night
  • Downtown

The Lawford Hotel is one of the oldest hotels on the Kenyan Riviera. These exceptional accommodations are located in a natural park on the Malindi coast. The fantastic location guarantees a unique experience.

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experience the Kenyan riviera Unforgettable experiences

The Kenyan Riviera offers a wide variety of holiday experiences.  On the Kenya Coast you can dive into crystal-clear waters and swim with exotic wildlife, go on Africa's oldest safari or immerse yourself in the culture and tradition of this captivating continent.

Wildlife & NATURE

The Kenyan Riviera is home to Africa's oldest safari park. Tsavo East Park is the ideal habitat for African wildlife. Other areas where you can experience the continent's animals are the Hippo Camps and Falconry Park birdwatching area.


From December to March, the arrival of the "kaskazi" or north wind, makes the Kenya Coast a paradise for kiters of all levels and from all over the world. Windless hours are perfect for activities such as paddle boarding and kayaking.

Deep-Sea Fishing

The waters off the Kenya coast are world-renowned for big-game fishing: tuna, barracuda, marlin, sailfish... and a huge variety of species just offshore.

Culture & tradition

Explore the culture of coastal Kenya through its customs and traditions. Discover the markets, visit the monuments or learn about the area's Swahili culture firsthand in the museums.


Experience unique nights out during your stay on the Kenyan Riviera. Get into the vibrant nightlife of the Coast of Kenya, visit the best clubs in Malindi or party on the dreamy beaches of the area.


Create unique memories of your holidays on the Kenyan Riviera. Sail the turquoise-blue waters of the Kenyan coastline aboard a dhow, the traditional fishing boat of the region.

Golf & Wildlife

Can you imagine playing golf on a course where zebras or giraffes stroll peacefully? At Vipingo Ridge it's a reality. Live this unique experience during your holiday on the Kenyan Riviera.

Local services Flavors & Services

On the Kenyan Riviera you have all the services you need to make the most of your holiday.

In the city of Malindi you'll find all the amenities you need to make the most of your holiday. Browse the traditional shops and markets, learn at water sports schools, hire the services of excursions and safaris, have an unforgettable experiences at the nightclubs and discotheques...

On the Kenya Coast you will  find all kinds of restaurants where you can savour the traditional cuisine of the area, such as fish and seafood. You will also find other options such as Mediterranean and international cuisine.

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Plate of traditional food of Kenyan Riviera

Discover the Kenya Coast Magical Spots

The Kenya Coast is a destination full of magical places to discover. Natural wonders, animal reserves and archaeological sites are just some of the secrets hidden in this exotic destination.

Safari Tsavo East

Safari Tsvao East is one of the oldest safari sites on the African continent, a spectacular setting where you will get right up close to the big five: lions, black rhinos, buffalo, elephants, leopards and more.

Marafa Hell's Kitchen

Marafa Hell's Kitchen is known as "Kenya's Grand Canyon". This exceptional natural habitat, in Malindi County, offers postcard-perfect scenery with its rock formations tinged with shades of red and orange.

Golden Sands Cheshale

Golden Sands, located in the Cheshale Reserve, is one of the best beaches on the Kenyan Riviera. With its golden sand and crystal-clear waters, this sandy beach is the perfect paradise for sun and sea lovers.

Falconry Park

Falconry Park is a fascinating bird park. This facility, dedicated to the breeding and training of birds of prey, features flying and falconry displays, a very important discipline in Kenyan culture.

Kipepeo Butterfly Farm

The Kipepeo Butterfly Farm is an extraordinary place on the Kenya coast. In this habitat, butterfly species endemic to the region are bred and preserved. In its gardens full of flora and butterflies, you can make unique memories.

Marine Natural Park

Watamu Marine Park  is home to coral reefs and exotic marine life. In this protected sanctuary you will find an impressive array of marine species such as turtles, dolphins and tropical fish that you can dive and snorkel with.

Gede Ruins

This archaeological site, located very close to Malindi, features the remains of what was an ancient Swahili city from the 13th to the 18th century. You can delve into the culture of Africa through its past.

From Malindi to Kikambala Where is the Kenyan Riviera?

The Kenyan Riviera is located in the Kenya Coast district. A destination on the east coast of the country, it stretches from the town of Malindi to Kikambala. The main airports are Malindi and Mombasa, with direct flights from Europe and Kenya's capital Nairobi.

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Asked Questions

Do I need a visa to enter Kenya?

Yes, most visitors require a visa to enter Kenya. You can obtain one before you travel from the Kenyan embassy or consulate in your country, or apply online through Kenya's electronic visa system.

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